Collection Policy

  1. Purpose
  2. Library Cards
  3. Loan Periods/Limits on Borrowing
  4. Overdues
  5. Holds
  6. Lost or Damaged Materials
  7. Confidentiality of Library Records
  8. Library Theft Law
  1. Purpose
    1. One of the primary purposes of the public library is to bring people together with the information they need. In keeping with this mission, the Mazomanie Free Library strives to maintain as liberal a lending policy as possible, without allowing some borrowers to abuse their borrowing rights to the detriment of others.
    2. Mazomanie Free Library is a member of the South Central Library System (SCLS) and the Library Interchange Network (LINK). The library adheres to circulation agreements with the South Central Library System (SCLS) and formulates some provisions of this policy to comply with requirements of the LINK membership. Participation and membership in SCLS and LINK affords liberal benefits to Mazomanie borrowers, who have access to the facilities, collections and services of the public libraries, branches and bookmobiles in a seven county system.
    3. This Policy applies not only to the general public, but also to the staff, library & village board members, Friends of the library and volunteers. ONLY materials ready for circulation and properly checked out may be taken from the library.
    4. The library patron is the most important person in the library. Service to patrons is not an interruption to work, but rather the purpose of it.
    5. This Policy is also designed to insure that all users have equitable access to the services and materials of the Mazomanie Free Library regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or disabilities.
  2. Library Cards
    1. The Mazomanie Free Library issues cards to individuals and organizations. General cards are issued for a four year period. Special cards can be issued for a shorter time period. Mazomanie cards are good at all the public libraries, branches and bookmobiles in the seven county South Central Library System. Mazomanie cards may also be honored at public libraries within the state of Wisconsin that have reciprocal borrowing agreements with the South Central Library System. Some restrictions may be placed on borrowers by participating libraries.
    2. Any resident of the village of Mazomanie is eligible to receive a free Mazomanie library card. The library also issues Dane County library cards to rural residents and will send library applications on to the Southwest Library System. All adult applications must present acceptable name identification and current address information when applying for a card. Acceptable forms of identification include a Wisconsin driver's license or ID card, checks with current address, mail or school ids.
    3. Cards may be issued to children at any age. Applicants under 18 years of age are required to obtain their parent's signature on the library card application. Children residing in two households will be issued a card with the address and phone number of the primary residence.
    4. Community organizations, village departments and local business may be issued organizational library cards that may be used by authorized individuals as indicated on the library card application. These cards are issued for one year with authorized card users accepting the responsibility for materials checked out on the card.
    5. It is the policy of the Mazomanie Free Library that the responsibility for the use of library materials by children under the age of 18, rests with their parents or guardians. No borrowing restrictions are placed on children once they have obtained their parent's signature on the library card application and the video permission form for children under 14 years of age.
    6. Library cards which are lost or damaged beyond use, will be replaced at a charge of $1.00. There is no fee for replacement of expired or stolen cards. Mazomanie Free Library will comply with SCLS and LINK guidelines where applicable.
  3. Loan Periods/Limits on Borrowing
    1. In order for all users to receive efficient and accurate service, borrowers should present their library cards each time they check out or renew materials. Staff will verify patron address against the patron record.
    2. The library has specified loan periods on items, so everyone has a chance to use the materials. Materials may be renewed once, if there are no holds on an item and it is not a new adult fiction book. Loan periods are:
      • New Adult Fiction - 14 days
      • Regular Fiction, Nonfiction, Books on Tape - 28 days
      • Videos - 7 days
      • Magazines - 14 days
      • Reference Books, New Magazines, CD-ROMs - Do Not Circulate
    3. Some limitations on number of items include:
      • Books - 50
      • Magazines - 10
      • Books on Tape - 5
      • Videos - 3 per cardholder
      • The Maximum number of items a patron may have checked out at any one time is 50.
    4. Mazomanie Free Library material may be returned at any public library or bookmobile in the South Central Library System. Materials returned to non-public libraries, such as school, church, academic or special libraries, remain the responsibility of the patron.
    5. Any borrower with materials, fine or fees due in excess of the library's suspension limit (see IV. D.) may not check out until the matter is resolved. Suspension rules of other LINK libraries will be honored at Mazomanie Free Library.
    6. Loan periods and renewal rules for interlibrary loan materials are determined by the lending institution.
  4. Overdues
    1. Library fines on overdue materials, after a two day grace period are:
      • Books, Magazines and any other library material except videos - .05 per day
      • Videos - $1.00 per day with NO grace period
    2. Materials are considered overdue if not returned by the due date. Materials returned in the book drop, when the library is closed, are considered to have been returned on the last open day of the library.
    3. A courtesy reminder notice will be sent when items are 14 days overdue. A bill, listing the price of the item, will be sent 28 days after the due date, if the item has not been returned.
    4. Patrons may pay for lost materials at any time. If the material is found and returned in good condition within 6 months of the date of payment, the maximum cost of the item is $5.00.
    5. If a patron believes that the material for which he/she has been suspended has been returned or should not be his/her responsibility, an appeal may be filed no later than three (3) months from the item due date. Borrowing privileges are reinstated until the appeal is heard. At least six (6) weeks must pass between the filed appeal date and the hearing. The patron will be required to meet with the Library Director and state their case. Failure to appear at an appeal or to reschedule, will revoke the right for further appeal and the patron will be charged the fees for the material. The decision of the Library Director may be appealed to the Library Board. ( See appeal form on the end of policy)
    6. The library will comply with all Discharge of Debtor Decrees by bankruptcy courts. Only overdue materials as of the date of the decree will be cleared and suspensions removed.
    7. Materials loaned to Mazomanie Free Library for local borrowers fall under Mazomanie overdue policies, however, borrowers will be held responsible for all special assessment placed by lending institutions.
  5. Holds
    1. Requests for materials may be accepted from registered patrons. Requests may be made in person, by phone or through LINKcat from home computers.
      Callers must be prepared to provide library card barcode numbers to request holds.
    2. Hold notices indicate a date after which materials will be returned to the shelves or to the owning libraries. Patrons may request a one day extension to the hold if there are no other holds.
    3. Patrons who fail to check out holds before the expiration date may have their names added to the bottom of the hold list if they desire. Patrons may request that their name be moved down on the list of holds if they make the request before the hold arrives.
    4. Holds and equipment will only be given out to the patron requesting them or to persons authorized by the individual.
    5. Patrons may select or request LINK pick-up locations other than MAZ when placing holds. Once the item has been received for the hold, it cannot be forwarded to another library. Items unavailable in Dynix must be requested at the library where pick-up is desired.
  6. Lost or Damaged Materials
    1. Patrons are responsible for all materials and equipment checked out on their library card. A patron is required to pay for materials and equipment which is irretrievable, lost or has been damaged while checked out . The library does not accept replacement copies of lost materials in lieu of charges. The prices charged for materials which are lost or damaged beyond use is as follows:
      1. The current list price for all items.
      2. When the list prices are unavailable for any library material, an average replacement cost for that type of material is charged. Average emplacement cost are determined by the Library Director for each type of material the Library owns. This schedule of fees will be reviewed annually by the Library Director to reflect changes in the average cost of Library materials and supplies.
    2. At the Library Director's discretion, the library will assess charges for materials or equipment damaged beyond normal wear.
  7. Confidentiality of Library Records
    1. As described in Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 4359; Section 43.30, Public library records, all circulation and other records which identify the names of library users, especially as they connect library users with material or services used, are confidential. It is the policy of this library that such records shall not be made available to any agency of federal, state, or local government, or to any individual, except pursuant to such process, order, or subpoena as may be relating to civil, criminal, or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigative power.
    2. Furthermore, it is the policy of the library to resist the issuance or enforcement of any process, order or subpoena until such time as a proper showing of good cause has been made in a court of competent jurisdiction.
    3. Information concerning overdue materials or materials placed on hold may only be given out to persons authorized by the individual cardholder who provides the barcode number from the card in question. Individuals may be asked to present identification in person to receive this information.
  8. Library Theft Law
    1. The Village of Mazomanie has adopted Wisconsin State Statute 943.61 Theft of Library Material as listed in the Mazomanie Village Ordinances; Section 9-3-8. (See attached ordinance)

This policy will be reviewed one year after its adoption.

(adopted: 10-26-1998)